Now Hiring

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Job Application for Employment at  5 Points Growlers ONLINE ONLY 5 Points Growlers is now accepting applications for knowledgeable staff. This is a great chance to join the  crew and enhance your knowledge of all things craft beer. We are looking for a person with basic beer knowledge for assisting customers as well as routine stocking.  5 [...]

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Fruity Brews

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Lime wedges in your Corona, sour peach wheat beer, mango chile beer - the list of fruity brews is equal in length to the opinions about them! Home brewers can look to the harvest season for creative opportunities to incorporate new taste sensations into their batches. That watermelon in your garden could make a delicious [...]

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On the Importance of Beer Tasting

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At the end of a long day, a beer can quench your thirst and taste great. It can be your favorite double IPA, a barrel aged Russian quintuple stout, a popular American adjunct lager, or your own home brew. Each of these beers offer a myriad of flavors, aromas, and sensations. Do you take the [...]

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5 Points Growlers Spring Update

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Fellow brewers, If you're like us, you love to talk about beer. You love to drink beer. You love to tour breweries. You love doing all of these AT THE SAME TIME. Imagine an opportunity to do all these things you love while learning about brewing beer or starting and running your own professional brewery! [...]

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Splitting Batches

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For the Brewer with Multiple Personalities or the Perpetually Bored Beer Drinker Are you tired of drinking five gallons of the same delicious imperial stout you brewed last month? Ready to taste the difference between an IPA dry hopped with Centennial or Pacific Jade? Do you want to try making a chili-pepper, vanilla, coffee, chocolate [...]

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Wee Yeasty Beasties

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Bitter truth: we do not make beer. Even the folks who brew our favorite world-class beers are not truly ‘making’ beer. They are janitors. They are cooks. They are biologists. But they do not make beer. The true hero in the beer making process is the yeast. Yeast is singularly responsible for producing more than [...]

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Temperature Control in Fermentation

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Homebrewers! Summer is coming to an end, but the temperature outside is still ridiculous, right? As brewers, this presents several problems. Unless you're willing to pay a dramatically increased AC bill, maintaining proper fermentation temperature can be difficult. Even a cool corner in the basement can reach temperatures higher than optimal for most ales and [...]

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New Fall Class Schedule

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Home Brewers!  New Fall Schedule FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!!! Get free class admission for a friend when you pay your registration fee. View Class Descriptions Upcoming Classes September All Grain September 1, 2013 $35 Extract September 15, 2013 $40 October All Grain October 6, 2013 $35 Extract October 20, 2013 $40 Register [...]

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