Fellow brewers,
GCBG-SCS2014-logo-finaldatesIf you’re like us, you love to talk about beer. You love to drink beer. You love to tour breweries. You love doing all of these AT THE SAME TIME. Imagine an opportunity to do all these things you love while learning about brewing beer or starting and running your own professional brewery!

Georgia Craft Brewers Guild

On April 19th, the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild will hold their first annual Southeastern Craft Brewers’ Symposium in Decatur. Check out the link below, save yourself a seat, and decide which seminars you want to attend. It’ll be local brewers sharing their knowledge, experience, and tasty goodness.

Southeastern Craft Brewers’ Symposium

Save on Brew Classes

For the last year or so, we’ve been doing a buy-one, get-one special on our brew classes.

We’ve recently dropped the price on all of our sessions to $25/person, so if you’ve been eyeballing a class but weren’t ready to pull the trigger, now’s a great time to join us for a brew day.

We love to brew with you guys and learn something new every time we do! Register for one of our upcoming classes via the link below.

Brew Class Registration

Brew Supplies

brew-supplyIf you’ve finished your taxes and that return is burning a hole in your pocket, come check out the store. We’ve got a bunch of new toys and ingredients to play with! Better Bottles (awesome plastic carboys), conical fermenters, new boil kettles, and new hop varieties will all be here soon. If you’re in a brewing slump, these might be the perfect way to get back in the swing of things and have plenty of tasty suds ready for the next few seasons.

As always, swing by the store to stock up, chat about your next recipe, or grab a growler. We love talking with y’all.