Our next brew class is going to be on April Fools Day (that’s Monday, April 1st), and that is NOT A JOKE. It’s really happening.

This is an ALL-GRAIN class, meaning you will learn how to make beer from scratch without using extracts. The purpose of this class is to give you enough hands on experience to be able to brew at home on your own. You will receive a packet of information which can be used for note taking as well as for future reference. Beginners are welcome, but note that brewing All Grain is a much more involved process and is meant for those wanting to devote extra time and attention to their brewing process.

We will be brewing the beer that you want to make, so when you reply to sign up include 3 preferred styles. The class will begin bright and early at 9am and carry on until the mid afternoon, around 4pm. During this time we will do everything involved in an all-grain, homebrewing brew day. This involves reviewing the ingredients and crushing the grains, mashing the grains to make wort, boiling to wort and adding hops, cooling the wort, and dividing it into fermentation vessels to be magically transformed into beer using yeast… magic yeast.

You will not be sitting and watching, you will be brewing with us. Afterwards you are more than welcome to take home the finished product (for $8/gallon) to ferment and enjoy. The cost for the class is $35 dollars, and during the brew day you will receive a 10% discount on any brew supplies we carry at the shop.

In summary: April 1st (not a prank)
9am – ~4pm
$35 per person
$8 per gallon
Loads of fun!
Wear close toed shoes and long pants.