Hi All,

Last week we had another great all-grain Brewniversity session. Joe and Chance, thanks for joining us and teaching us more about brewing! Unlike some of our previews classes, there weren’t any issues with hops clogging the pumps, so the brew day went smoothly. We made a hoppy wheat with Amarillo hops…this variety is amazing! It’s full of juicy orange and citrus flavor. If you haven’t tried using Amarillo yet, come by the shop and check it out.

Our next extract class, perfect for those of you looking to get your feet wet with brewing, is this coming Sunday, 4/21. We’ve still got plenty of room, so sign up here at the shop, call 706-316-2369, or visit https://5pointstaplist.wordpress.com/brewing-class-calendar/. Our extract classes run $40/person.

We’ve been expanding our inventory over the last month and we’ve got some cool new toys in and also on the way. If you’ve been having issues with tracking volume in your kettles, check out our sight glasses, with or without a thermometer. We’ve also added a lot of new hardware designed to make building your mash tun, hlt, or boil kettle much easier. In the next few weeks, we’re also going to be adding some cheese-making supplies and wine ingredient kits. Are there things you’ve been looking for that we don’t yet carry? Let us know…we love your feedback.

Finally, we’re planning to do at least one special Brewniversity session sometime this summer. The class(es) will be for folks who have already taken one of our classes or have some experience with homebrewing. We’ll be doing some kind of strong beer; a Russian Imperial Stout, a Barleywine, or maybe even a Double IPA. Then we’ll be sending the students home to age their beer with some variety of liquor-soaked oak chips. This is a time consuming beer that should be ready in time for next winter. A perfect cold-weather sipper. Let us know if you’re interested in signing up.