APRIL 21  2-5PM

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, extract brewing uses malt sugar that has already been extracted from the grain, thus removing several steps and a large amount of extra equipment and time.

Compare extract brewing to making a cake from a box…all the ingredients are prepackaged and ready, just follow the directions. All-grain brewing is like baking your cake from scratch. You decide the amounts of each ingredient as well as when and how to add them. All-grain gives more room for awesome, but more room for disaster.

Topics covered include equipment selection and use, recipe formulation, the brewing process, sanitation, and bottling. Course fees include ingredients for the brew and an information packet to take home.

If you’re interested in an introduction to brewing, you’ve still got time to get in on this class.

10% Discount

Also enjoy a 10% discount on equipment and supplies purchased the day of the class.

Take it home!

For just $8 per gallon, you can take home the class brew.


5 Points Growlers WESTSIDE

3685 Atlanta Hwy
Athens, GA 30606
(706) 316-2369

Behind 5 Points Growlers in our outside brew kitchen.


1. Wear pants. Long ones.

2. Wear shoes. With toes please.

3. Bring a lunch.

Call for details or register here.

Only $40.