Hi All,

Brewniversity shirts are here! The art on the back was designed in-house by Sam and it looks awesome. We’ve got small-xxl in three different colors. Come check them out at the shop, then show Athens that you’re a brewer! For Brewniversity alumni, the cost will be $7, for folks who think the art is awesome but haven’t been to a class yet, the cost is $10.

This coming Monday, 4/1, we’ll be getting together with four students for another all-grain Brewniversity session. It’s not too late to sign up if you’re ready to get into all-grain brewing. The following class is scheduled for Sunday, 4/21. At the moment we’ve got several folks signed up for our intro to extract class, but there are still spots left. If you’ve been considering homebrewing for a while but haven’t gotten your feet wet yet, this is the perfect class for you.

As the weather starts to warm, we start looking forward to the crisp, clean, refreshing beers of summer. To that end, our upcoming classes will be brewing summer-style beers…maybe a Saison or even a Berliner-Weiss style beer. Let us know if you’re interested…now’s the perfect time for brewing! We’ve been thinking about doing some longer-term projects like a big oak/liquor aged stout to be ready in time for next winter. We’re also working on setting up Brewniversity sessions with some of our local/regional professional brewers. Anyone interested?

If you’ve already taken one of our classes, thank you! We’d love any feedback you might have, and we’d love your help spreading the word. Like us on Facebook, send a friend our way, or come back for more. We’ve been covering the basics with our classes so far, but we’re always ready to help you take the next step. Want to try a triple decoction mash? want to brew something sour with Brettanomyces or Lactobaccilus? make a fruit beer? Let us know so we can make it happen!