Why Growlers?

Basically it’s the freshness. Since the beer flows directly from the keg – and not a bottle or can – you can be certain that the beer has not been exposed to light or oxygen. Once oxygen starts hitting your beer, it can go flat – and that is what causes a stale, cardboard box taste.

At 5 Points Growlers, we take careful steps to guarantee you take home the freshest beer possible.

  • Once you make your selection, we first purge the growler with CO2 to remove any oxygen. Oxygen is lighter than CO2, so it gets pushed out of the bottle when we push in the carbon dioxide. Then the bottles are filled under pressure through a plastic hose to keep out the oxygen. The tube also limits the agitation and prevents foaming.
  • You’ll notice we fill the bottle until the beer overflows and then we quickly top it with a twist-cap and turn it tight. To keep the lawman happy, it is heat sealed with a plastic wrap and then labeled so you remember what you got when you get home.

Note that you must always refrigerate growlers. Doing so will give them a shelf-life of 1-2 months, or around 1-2 days once opened — if you’re lucky. Ideally, we recommend the growlers should be enjoyed that night or certainly within 24 hours. Keep in mind, for the purist out there, each time you simply remove the cap on your growler, you are letting in more oxygen, which eventually leads to flat beer.

About Our Selections

5 Points Growlers features craft, import and seasonal fresh draft beer available in quart, half-gallon and gallon sized growlers. Offerings can change daily, even hourly, so stop by and take your time browsing our 45 tap listing.  Tastings are available and limited to 4 shot glass tastings at 54 cents each.

With two locations that each offering 45 taps, we can swear to satisfy any beer fan. But be sure to check out the tap listings for each location; although both stations offer many of the same favorites, they each have their very own, unique selection.

We have avid beer lovers on staff that can answer any question you may have about the style, flavor, and brewer . And you don’t have to be shy to ask. We love talking about beer. If you are not sure you may like a new beer, we offer limited tastings (ask for details).

Some customers appreciate growlers for reasons of economy (refills range from $8 to $38 for a half gallon) or ecology (refill & recycle). All can agree upon the freshness of the draft.

So How Does it Work with the Growler/Bottle?

standard glass growlers

So, it’s easy – purchase a 5Points Growlers beer growler for $5 — or bring your own. Then pick your favorite brew from our 45 taps and enjoy draft beer at home!

On your next visit, if you bring back your rinsed 5Points growler, you can exchange it for a new 5 Points growler at no charge.

If you bring in a growler from somewhere else, as long it has been rinsed and doesn’t smell funky, we’ll clean it and refill it for you at no charge.


1/2 gallon = 4-5 pint glasses
1 gallon = 10-11 pint glasses

stainless steel growlers

Insulated food grade stainless steel growler with flip top.

5 Points Glass Growler are $5 ea.

Stainless steel growlers are $35.

(This is not a deposit—No refunds.)


1 shot = 54¢

Limit 4