Summer is here and the heat is on. It’s the perfect time for a cold beer. But it won’t always be hot, and sometimes beer is not always the best option. To make sure that you’re well hydrated no matter the circumstances, we are now carrying wine kits! At the moment, we have a black cherry pinot noir, a strawberry white merlot, and a Chilean chardonnay, but we have access to many more styles. Each kits produces about 30 bottles of wine and will be ready to drink in as little as 5 weeks.

Visit our Westside location or call for more details.

Beginning today, many of our emails will contain one or more brewing tips to make your beers and brew days better! Here’s the first…

Most ale yeasts thrive in temperatures ranging from 66-74 degrees. Usually, fermenting at the lower end of this range produces a cleaner finished beer. As the weather warms, it can become difficult to maintain an optimal fermentation temperature without spending an arm and a leg to cool your home. Instead of dropping the thermostat, try submerging your carboy or bucket most of the way in a larger tub of water. Add several large frozen water bottles and change them twice a day. Not only will the ice bath cool your beer, it will help ensure a more consistent temperature over the course of fermentation.